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What is Blak Business?

Blak Business is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated platform.


Founded in May 2019, Blak Business is a space which brings together information, knowledge and resources to facilitate broader learning and discussion about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander topics. 


‘Blak’ refers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. ‘Business’ means ‘an area of interest’ and therefore includes a range of topics including  significant dates, achievements, events, current affairs and more.  


Blak Business' first priority is always mob. We recognise that educating others is emotionally exhausting and time consuming. Blak Business was created with the aspiration that other Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples view this space as a reliable source to reference and redirect people to. 


Blak Business promotes thinking, learning and conversation. Our content is developed through listening, yarning, reading and reflecting. This website is intended to support your learning journey and provide references to further credible information; we are not an exhaustive or comprehensive resource. 


Blak Business does not reflect the opinions of, or speak on behalf of, the entire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.


Blak Business is constantly growing and expanding. Be sure to re-visit our website and follow our Instagram to stay in the loop for our new content. 

Who is Blak Business? 

Olivia is a proud Koori woman descended from Wiradjuri Country, and the Founder of Blak Business. 


As the Blak Business online community grew, so did the team behind Blak Business. Eloise (Wiradjuri), Kassie (Larrakia), and Marley (Njamal) came on board to support Olivia in all facets of

Blak Business communications, content creation, and operations.

If you would like to support the work of Blak Business, all donations are greatly appreciated


What does the Blak Business logo mean?


The Blak Business logo was designed by one of my best sistas, Michelle Kerrin (Arrernte & Luritja) of Akweke Stories


As told by Michelle, here is the meaning of the Blak Business logo:


"The symbol in the middle is a woman. The design inside the woman icon is representative of land. The wavey lines are a marker of our Countries, where we leave our mark and where our Ancestors have built on our Nations, cultures and languages. 


The background is a softer pink tone to bring in the use of contemporary colours that many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people use in their art work today. It also creates a softer tone and sense of healing for our mobs in the current and future generations. 


The ring around it uses the colours from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, an important recognition of both groups. 


When I see the work you do and put out there for everyone sis, I see it as working with and for our people, but also our pace moving forward with non-Indigenous brothers and sisters. I wanted to ensure that was represented".

Watch the video below to hear more from Michelle about her art practice and the logo.


You can find Michelle’s artwork on Instagram and purchase pieces from her website.


Blak Business in the Media 


The following media articles are endorsed by Blak Business. They are either written by Olivia, or have received Blak Business' approval prior to publishing. All other articles that reference Blak Business have not received our approval and are therefore not endorsed.


If you are interested in publishing any media that references Blak Business, please contact us.

Articles Written by Olivia:

Blak Business Endorsed Media:

Mandaang Guwu


Blak Business would like to say mandaang guwu (thank you) to Ngarrimili and Maddi Moser (Taungurung) of Chlo & Co Creatives for their support in developing this website - without you this space would not have been possible. 

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