The people of Zenadth Kes are strongly connected to the sea through trade, culture, ways of living and history. 


Many islands of Zenadth Kes are low-lying and therefore climate change poses a significant threat to the future of the region. 


Climate change threats for Zenadth Kes include:

  • Rising sea levels: it is estimated that sea levels could rise 80cm by the end of this century

  • Increasing air and sea temperatures

  • Changes to sea acidity: as the seas warm and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere increase so too are the carbon dioxide in the sea, causing seas to become more acidic

  • Extreme weather events leading to tidal inundation and
    island erosion

  • Coral bleaching


These changes bring a number of risks to the region’s people (including health, economies and infrastructure) and culture. 


Currently, a group of eight Torres Strait Islanders are pursuing a human rights complaint against Australia to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations, over the Government’s inaction on climate change. To learn more and to support the Torres Strait 8, visit Our Islands, Our Home.

Listen to Waniki from

Our Islands, Our Home

talk about the campaign.

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