Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) are an optional strategic document that provide a framework for organisations (e.g. businesses, schools and universities, public service agencies, etc.) to support the national reconciliation movement.


RAPs come in four stages: Reflect, Innovate, Stretch, and Elevate.


Reconciliation Australia is the organisation responsible for RAPs.

Opinions on RAPs vary between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Some opinions include, but are not limited to:

  • We need RAPs now so that we do not need them in the future

  • Without RAPs Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples will be excluded from some spaces

  • RAPs provide a framework to hold organisations accountable

  • They have the potential to be tokenisitic. For example, Despite having a RAP, Rio Tinto destroyed two sacred sites in Juukan Gorge. In response, Reconciliation Australia revoked endorsement of Rio Tinto as an Elevate RAP organisation and suspended the company from the RAP program.

  • “Reconciliation” implies we were once mates

  • Organisations get obsessed with superficial ‘box ticking’


For more information about Reconciliation Action Plans, visit Reconciliation Australia.